Turinabol Vs Dianabol

In reality; the two (almost) couldn’t be further apart. There is a distinct similarity in terms of the ability to retain nitrogen that both products possess, and similar also are their respective capacities to boost one’s red blood cell count (though turinabol has a distinct edge in this capacity.)

Other than that, they are truly very different natured “beasts” from one another. Dbol is without doubt one of the best mass gainers on the planet, second only to anadrol…but this secondary place largely depends on your perspective in regards to precisely what “mass” should be.

On balance, tbol is only going to prove marginal, in the evolution of lean tissue.

This is fine, being that you typically wouldn’t purchase it for this reason anyway, but it’s important that you don’t make the mistake of securing it if you have ambitions of “slamming on” as much size as possible.

What you will purchase it for, however, is for a successful means of amplifying your progress when performing a fat stripping phase via the maximization of visibility, the retention of tissue, and an increase in endurance that will allow you to maximize performance during sessions – therefore squeezing out that all important extra mileage and capitalizing on your gain potential.

It is also an immensely effective anabolic “booster” in general, meaning that it can actively improve anabolism within the body, thus serving to make other products more effective than they would be when used in isolation.

It should be noted that some may deem the mass gaining potential on offer by this substance to be satisfactory, depending on their personal outlook.

When it comes to an off-season, many adopt the “go hard or go home” mentality, but this can be detrimental as it means you stand to gain a great deal of excess water and fat in the process.

On balance, should you use a product like tbol (or trenbolone), you’ll gain at a steadier rate, but the mass will be sustainable and “real” as opposed to consisting of a balance of lean tissue and “fluff”.

Another consideration is the fact that the risk of “sides” with tbol is low compared to dianabol (and other “dry” gainers like trenbolone), which makes it perfect for those wishing to opt for a more “accessible” product.

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