Turinabol is not only useful to bodybuilders, it is also prescribed by medical doctors for the treatment of a number of health-related problems.

TBol as it is also called, is a synthetically produced androgenic anabolic steroid (AAS) which is composed of substances that can be found in testosterone, a hormone that is predominant in males.

Turinabol medical use include the treatment of delayed puberty and the health problems associated with low testosterone levels particularly in men.


Puberty is a natural occurrence in both male and female genders. This is a sequence of physiology and sexual changes that occur usually in pre-teens.

Puberty is a period when a child develops those sexual and physical characteristics that would clearly define their sex. It is when the sex organs experience dramatic changes.

The average age range for female puberty to occur is anywhere from 9 to 11 years while in male children it can be from 9½ to 13 years. However, this age range is still debatable, as puberty has been known to occur in both male and female children either at an earlier age (below 9 years) or at a much later age (above 13 years).

Turinabol medical use may become necessary when there is a clear delay in a child’s puberty. In the case of a male child, this can be between the ages of 14.5 to 16.2 years.

If puberty is not experienced in such a child at the age of 14 years, then that child may be classified as having delayed puberty. In order to synthetically stimulate the process of puberty in such a child, a doctor may prescribe the use of testosterone boosting medication. Turinabol is an obvious drug of choice because it is an orally administered medication.


While testosterone can be found in both male and females, it is a more predominant hormone in the male gender. During puberty, the body produces testoterone in high amounts, but by the time a person reaches the age of 30 years, their level of testosterone would naturally start to decrease by approximately 1 percent per year.

The testosterone hormone is vital in the male body for a great number of reasons, some of these include:

  • It enhances sexual drive,
  • it stimulates the production of sperm,
  • it helps with the distribution of body fat,
  • it helps with building muscle mass,
  • it aids the production of red blood cells, and
  • it enhances bone density.

Testosterone hormone is very influential to the proper functioning of the body and when its levels are low, it could lead to a variety of health concerns. Some of these health issues include:

  • Erectile dysfunction and infertility,
  • high levels of fatigue,
  • a fragile bone structure,
  • increased levels of body fat,
  • insomnia, and
  • depression.

Turinabol medical use in the treatment of low levels of testosterone may be recommended by a qualified doctor. Your doctor will first conduct tests to determine your testosterone levels. Diagnosis is usually by way of a blood test.

Doctors may prescribe Turinabol medical use for the treatment of low testosterone and the apparent symptoms. This treatment is preferred because TBol is orally administered and offers a high tolerance level for most users with little or no side effects when taken in accordance to recommended dosages.

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