Turinabol Side Effects: What They Are and How To Avoid Them

One of the downsides to taking anabolic compounds is that they can and definitely will lead to adverse issues arising if they are taken in an irresponsible fashion.

Turinabol is no different, and you could encounter several turinabol side effects during your time using it.

It should be noted that females stand to have a “worse” experience than male users on the whole in this regard, but adverse issues are certainly possible with both sexes.

We’ll first list the potential male side effects before moving on to the potential female side effects, as this will provide a “wider” understanding of the product as a whole.

Turinabol Side Effects – Male

As we already know, a man who uses turinabol is going to have a very different “journey” compared to a woman – this journey involves potentially encountering side effects such as:

  • A reduction of HDL cholesterol, thus allowing LDL cholesterol to “dominate” as a result of the livers diminished capacity to “filter” cholesterol levels effectively when using oral steroids (you can observe the difference between cholesterol types here)
  • The potential for liver hepatotoxicity to arise (though this is unlikely – this however does not mean it doesn’t need to be safeguarded against)
  • The suppression of natural testosterone levels (though this can be effectively safeguarded against via the implementation of an effective PCT plan)
  • Issues relating to high androgenic activity including oily skin, acne, hair loss (head) and hair growth (face) (please note that these issues are tremendously unlikely to arise in a male user unless he is sensitive to androgenic activity in general)

Most if not all of the above “problems” can be counteracted with tremendous ease via the integration of appropriate cycle therapy and a well-structured Post Cycle Therapy window (as we’ll soon discuss.)

Turinabol Side Effects – Female

As previously discussed, if anyone’s likely to have a “bad” time whilst using turinabol, it’s going to be a female.

This is because females share some of the “base” side effects common with all oral steroids, yet with the unfortunate addition of a much increased risk of androgenic side effects, including some that are exclusive to females.

The following list comprises the adverse issues that a female user is likely to encounter:

  • Liver hepatotoxicity
  • High negative cholesterol levels (due to the suppression of positive cholesterol levels)
  • Potential androgenic issues as per the male section
  • Potential clitoral enlargement (irreversible)
  • Deepening of the voice
  • A potential abundance of hair growth in all areas of the body

The above list of adverse issues is precisely why females must take extra care whilst using an anabolic compound of this nature.

Due to this enhanced androgenic risk, many believe that females have a “harder” time of taking anabolic substances than males. In some respects this is correct, and in others the risk is roughly the same.

The tremendous downside of female use is of course that a couple of the potential side effects are irreversible; other than gynecomastia in males (which isn’t going to occur when using most DHT derived compounds), the same can’t really be said for their cycles.

However, the suppression of natural testosterone levels and the subsequent (and mandatory) PCT phase that follows make male use arguably on a level par with female users.

In short: both sexes have risks to calculate when using turinabol. Until you have intricately researched what they are by reading this section (and the guidelines on cycle support and PCT), you shouldn’t administer turinabol.

Now that you are aware of the risks involved in taking this substance, we can consider how best to administer it in order to achieve maximum benefit.


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