Turinabol is an anabolic steroid that had been secretly used by athletes to enhance their performance at least since the 1970’s.

The highly successful Olympic teams from East Germany through the 1970s to the 1980s were later found (at the end of the Cold War) to have been doping with TBol for quite some time.

However, while these athletes would reap short-term gains in their athletic pursuits, it would eventually cause many of them to suffer from a number of serious health complications later on in their lives.

Today, Turinabol has seemingly made a comeback. In 2016 a number of Major League Baseball players were tested and found to have doped with this oral steroid.

Even though using this drug is illegal in most competitive sports, athletes are still known to be using it despite the obvious risks to their careers and health.


Despite the risk of getting caught for doping with Turinabol, many athletes still take the chance because of the apparent benefits that this drug provides them.

The dream of most athletes is to be bigger, stronger, and faster than their peers. With TBol this dream could be a reality and to some athletes, it is already a reality.

Here are some of the reasons why Turinabol is a preferred choice of anabolic steroid by athletes.



Many anabolic steroids are administered intravenously. However, TBol is one steroid compound that is taken via oral administration.

The use of intravenous steroids can lead to serious medical problems as well as rapid bioavailability which is something that athletes that take steroids definitely do not want.

With Turinabol, athletes simply swallow the pill and the compound is eased into their bloodstream from the gut. This way the beneficial effects of the drug is gradually felt by the athlete.



This drug is capable of enlarging and toning muscles. With larger muscles, the strength of athletes are also enhanced.

They have better endurance levels and stamina. This is great for sports requiring a lot of stamina like marathon and contact sports, such as; football.

The increase in muscle mass is a real attraction to TBol as athletes are known to gain between 20 and 30 pounds of muscle mass after running a Turinabol bulking cycle.



Apart from aiding a bulking cycle, Turinabol also helps with the cutting cycle. Athletes looking to burn excess body fat can use this anabolic steroid to trim down.

This steroid compound greatly influenced the metabolism of athletes, making them burn calories quicker.

Fatty cells are then converted to the energy needed by athletes to keep up with their workout and training sessions when they are running a cutting cycle.

It is also worth noting that unlike other anabolic steroids, the amount of testosterone generated by TBol is much less. Also, conversion of the compound to estrogen does not occur and the chances of an athlete developing gynaecomastia or man-boobs is quite low.

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