Turinabol is considered an illegal and banned substance. When used by athletes, it helps to enhance their level of performance.

This androgenic anabolic steroid (AAS) will enhance the stamina, endurance, and strength of the athlete making them stronger, faster, and more energetic.

The use of Turinabol by athletes and professional bodybuilders will make them perform at a much higher level than their peers.

This is considered to be cheating by the sports authorities and to this end, random testing of athletes is usually conducted at competitive sporting events to fish out dopers.

Particularly in individual sporting contests like the renowned Mr. Universe bodybuilding competition, extensive drug tests are conducted at random to ensure the enforcement of the prohibition of performance enhancing drugs like an anabolic steroid.

Turinabol is taken by oral administration which makes it high in demand by bodybuilders and other athletes because of its relatively high tolerance level and bioavailability.

TBol works its way into the bloodstream from the gut rather than giving the user a quick jolt like intravenously administered steroids.



A drug detention window refers to that duration of time when an illegal performance enhancing drug and their metabolites can be detected during a routine drug test. The detection time varies from one class of drug to another and also depends on other factors as well.

Some of these factors include:


  • The frequency and amount of illicit drug use,
  • The age of the drug user,
  • The urine pH of the athlete,
  • The body mass and metabolic rate of the user, and also
  • the general state of health of the athlete.

While the primary drug may be detected within some hours of use, their metabolites may show up after a number of days and in the urine samples of the drug user.

For example, in the case of cocaine, the drug itself will only show up in drug tests conducted within some hours of use.

However, the metabolites of cocaine can still be detected after a few days and from urine samples.



The detection window for anabolic steroids including their metabolites is approximately between 3 to 30 days.

In the past, the detection of orally administered Turinabol would see the metabolites only showing up for some days in the urine samples of the user.

However, further research has revealed the presence of other Turinabol metabolites present in urine samples.

The presence of these additional and newly discovered Turinabol metabolites have led to the extension of the TBol detection time for drug tests, from a few days to about 20 days.

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