What Can Turinabol Actually Do For You?

As with any anabolic product, T-bol can do either a tremendous degree of “good” for you, or not affect you whatsoever depending entirely on your individual setting.
In order to fully discern how it can appropriately be used, we must observe the typical scenarios in which it can be implemented, then analyse its “place” within them.

Tbol During A Cut

There are several different trains of thought in regards to using this product for a cutting cycle. From them all though, we can derive one element that almost everyone agrees on: this product is certainly at its best during a cutting phase.

Why though?

When you run a turinabol cycle, you can reasonably expect to:

  • Sustain existing lean tissue levels
  • Maintain or slightly boost current strength capacity
  • Enhance dryness and muscular visibility
  • Significantly improve endurance
  • Significantly boost anabolism

With the above positive traits in mind, it’s clear that this substance is going to have a fairly significant impact on the outcome of a cut.

How significant these results are though depends on how you choose to use it. Some individuals actually run this product in isolation, whereas others run it alongside other compounds.

Let’s assess the merits / detriments involved in either scenario.

Tbol On Its Own

Let’s get the negatives out of the way first – this product isn’t going to pack an elaborate bang for your “buck” when it’s used on its own.

It can’t maximise dryness to the extent that products like anavar can, it can’t boost strength like winstrol can, and it certainly can’t burn fat to an effective degree on its own.

This then leads us to the question, what is it actually good for?

What it’s (tbol) great at doing, is protecting lean tissue levels whilst promoting a highly anabolic environment within the body and maximising muscular endurance during training.

You may think that muscular endurance is resigned purely to an athletic setting, but this isn’t the case.

Consider the outcome every trainee desires from a workout regardless of the phase they’re in; they want to maximise their output in order to guarantee an optimal “input” afterwards by means of a return in results.

If you burn out too early, even during a preservation cycle, you’re not going to do enough to stimulate your muscle fibers into “staying” where they are.

Catabolism is about more than just taking in sub-optimal food levels, it’s also about not giving your muscles a “reason” to stay.

If they aren’t challenged, the body will deem them to be unnecessary – following this, you’ll struggle to hang onto them, even if your nutrition is mostly optimal.

This doesn’t mean that you have to train like an Olympian by any means, but when some trainees perform a cut, they use it as an excuse to slack off completely. As a result? They come in looking small and drained on competition day.

Mitochondria are absolutely essential for the vitality of your muscles (including their maintenance), and some degree of intensity (even whilst operating on a calorie deficit) is necessary to maximise their functionality within the muscle cells as well as preserving your total accumulation of them.

Low intensity training equals low mitochondrial functionality, which in turn equals low levels of mass retention.

Aim to train at roughly 60-70% of your capacity during resistance sessions; this is a low enough intensity to avoid the promotion of muscle cells for use as fuel, yet high enough to promote the sustenance of your lean tissue (they’re being challenged enough to “earn” their place.)

When you combine this spike in “productivity” at the gym with turinabol’s base protective traits, you’ll find that it’s a brilliant means of keeping your hard earned gains in place.

It offers these positive benefits in conjunction with a low risk of side effects occurring – it should be noted that most anabolic steroids that are part of the DHT-derived family tend to be fairly mild in this regard anyway, but turinabol is considered by some to be the mildest.

We mention this element with a view to its “dryness” enhancement capacity – whilst you may achieve more dryness by using a product like anavar, you’ll find that this substance offers a respectable degree in its own right.

Most anabolic product users will find that (after several years worth of experience) diet is truly the key to visibility – any external factor like an anabolic steroid only enhances the hard work that a great nutrition plan has already accomplished.

Due to this, no matter what steroid you choose to use to achieve enhanced visibility, it will never be capable of replacing good nutritional habits.

Should these habits be in place, anything at all that can improve visibility / reduce body fat will always make SOME positive difference. Turinabol is no exception in this instance, and may be favorable for those who have their diet “locked” in and are seeking a mild form of support.

All in all – you’ll find that tbol is a highly accessible, if mild means of supporting a cutting phase that’s going to be well suited to those who wish to avoid harsher side effects / have no need for “dramatic” intervention.

Of course, we’ve only considered using tbol in an isolated fashion for aesthetic purposes so far – but what about its use within an athletic framework?

Considering its rich history, it’s clear that this substance has a prominent place within athleticism, but how high is its pedestal, and does it place higher than the likes of anavar and winstrol?

Again – the answer is circumstance dependant.

Let’s first consider its strength boosting capacity, as this is going to play a vital part in everything from speed output to one’s ability to lift maximal loads.

An effective turinabol dosage will certainly boost strength capacity – that much is certain. Not only that, but it’ll help to cement existing strength levels in place, even when the athlete has to perform a “long” season.

With that said, this boost isn’t quite going to rival the ‘surge’ provided by the likes of winstrol and anavar – it’s simply likely to make a positive if not wholly significant difference.

It’s the other primary benefit of this substance that serves to synergise so perfectly with the aforementioned strength boost, that we then find ourselves with a powerful overall package. This benefit is of course muscular endurance.

Any athlete who receives a noticeable boost to their power output in conjunction with a tremendous surge in their muscular endurance capacity is going to be a force to be reckoned with on the playing field.

They’re also going to benefit from the protection of their lean mass throughout the course of their cycle, meaning that they stand to keep every ounce of their muscle. This is true even when they’re being pulled through a rigorous and demanding weekly schedule that sees them burning through thousands of calories per day.

Excellent too is the fact that the risk of adverse issues is low, as is one’s risk of gaining excessive weight. This weight isn’t a problem within certain aesthetic scenarios, but it could be career destroying for an athlete who performs in a certain weight class.

Overall, turinabols use within this capacity is highly dexterous. Everyone from a track and field athlete to a boxer, mixed martial artist or tri-athlete could adopt it.

Its limitations in regards to an athletic setting would largely reside in its fairly diminished power capacity when compared to other steroids of its type.

A mixed martial artist or boxer, for instance, may consider going elsewhere if they want to use a singular, “hard-hitting” steroid whilst ensuring that they stay lean…though they would lose out on the endurance benefit of this steroid in the process.

All of the above information in regards to isolated use largely revolves around male usage…but what do females stand to gain from integrating this compound?

Isolated Tbol Use for a Female

As with any steroid, what information may be relevant for a male doesn’t always correlate directly with usage for a female. Some aspects (i.e liver toxicity) will always remain “standard”, but others (primarily in regards to effects within the system) are going to manifest very differently within the body of a woman when compared to a male. One aspect we can immediately analyse is that of this product’s ability to generate lean tissue mass. For a male user, as already specified, gains stand to be minimal at best. For a female, however, users have reported gains either in line with, or far surpassing those provided by anavar, which for many is considered to be a “perfect” female steroid in general.

Of course, others have also reported diminished gains when compared to anavar integration – but you’re always going to find contradictory reports due to the manner in which all individuals vary in regards to their attitude towards diet, training and appropriate steroid dosing. Overall, turinabol gains within this setting have been proven to be roughly in line with those provided by anavar, though as a safety precaution it would be reasonable to assume that they would fall slightly short, but not by any significant percentage. Once a substance has converted into “functional” muscular DHT, its anabolic rating is largely nullified.

The molecule “becomes” DHT – the DHT structure simply is what it is, therefore there shouldn’t be a dramatic fluctuation in regards to anabolic capacity from one DHT derived steroid to another, with an exception being dianabol due to its unique structure when compared to milder DHT derived alternatives like winstrol and anavar. Now that we have analysed growth capacity, we also need to consider strength output potential – a female user is going to see noticeable increases in her strength capacity. When compared to normal levels, it’s very hard to say precisely what a female would stand to gain in terms of power output, but users have stated everything from 5kg to 10kg increases on maximum lifts and more.

Whilst this boost is significant, anavar will undoubtedly provide a much stronger “influx” of strength compared to turinabol, however, as previously mentioned, it won’t improve muscular endurance. Strength isn’t necessarily a particularly important aspect when it comes to aesthetic sustenance on a cut – in an off-season, one must become stronger in order to grow (otherwise they simply can’t progressively increase the weights they lift, therefore the stimulus for growth will not be applied) but whilst cutting, what’s important is that no “shortcuts” are taken during training (the application of reasonable intensity over the duration of the cut must be adhered to as previously explained.) For this reason, it could be argued that turinabol has the performance “edge” over its similar cousin (anavar) within a cutting framework.

Equally, others believe that intensity can be achieved as a result of an increased weight load, and this too can correlate to the desirable level of stimulus being achieved. If you’re looking for an answer in regards to which one is truly going to be more effective for achieving the desired training stimulus needed for muscular sustenance; both substances (anavar and turinabol) will likely both cater for this need. Equally, so will winstrol (another dht derivative.)

Of course, the above stimulus relates to a cutting scenario; when considering which product to use for bulking purposes, anavar would almost certainly gain the edge for a female user as it would allow them to surpass their existing size capacity more readily than turinabol (as previously stated in regards to training stimulus.) An important aspect to consider is also the potential arisal of adverse issues, as this element is perhaps doubly important for females as it is for males, being that certain female side effects can’t be reversed. It has to be said that whilst turinabol is low risk for a male user, the risk of androgenic side effects in female users is fairly high when compared to other dht derived compounds.

Androgenic modulation would almost certainly be necessary. Females should ask themselves whether or not this risk outweighs or is at least equal to the potential reward. Within an aesthetic setting, it’s likely that other compounds would be more beneficial, save possibly for the cutting phase, where the added endurance this item has to offer may be arguably as beneficial as the added strength on offer elsewhere. Within an athletic setting, however, the same rules apply as for a male user at large (including those relating to your specific choice of sport.) An exception within this capacity is of course the mass gaining potential, which is significant compared to a male users. This is something to take into consideration if you’re restricted to a certain weight category, as it will definitely affect athletic performance.

Tbol in Conjunction with other Compounds (Male)

It’s when turinabol is combined with other anabolic substances that we can really start to see its full potential arise within an aesthetic setting.

What’s fantastic about a “stack” (the act of combining several anabolic products together) is that you can effectively “make up” for the weaknesses of your chosen products by selecting other items to synergise with them.

These synergisms should be chosen based on their strengths when compared to your other product’s weaknesses, and in this instance, our weaknesses are going to revolve around a lack of strength output, “dryness” and fat burning potential when compared to other compounds.

One of the truly outstanding benefits of this product is that (as previously stated) it can enhance the anabolism of other products within its “atmosphere” – as a result, you can create an incredibly powerful array of items that will serve to make your cutting phase results skyrocket.

When you get your combination right, there shouldn’t really be any weaknesses laid bare, and we’ll shortly provide you with several successful “blueprints” for running a successful cutting phase stack.

Tbol in Conjunction with other Compounds (Female)

Stacking turinabol as a female can be particularly dangerous, being that the androgenic potential of this product is fairly high in its own right. When compared with other substances, you’ll find that these adverse issues can easily multiply.

Of course, there is a right and wrong procedure to follow in regards to taking anything, and turinabol is no different. Certain items will synergise perfectly, whereas others could end up being highly detrimental.

An obvious “no-go zone” would be the use of another highly androgenic compound, as this would make a risky substance even riskier.

However, females (as with males) will find that tbol works incredibly well with external fat burning agents (like T3, for example) even though it isn’t going to combine well with the majority of other products (in regards to female use.)

As with male usage, we’ll shortly outlay some effective stacks for a female to adhere to in order to get the most out of tbol.

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