How To Make The Most Out Of Your Turinabol

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge needed to administer this product effectively, we need to consider how you can further accelerate your progress whilst using turinabol.

We’re confident you’ll become a turinabol lover after your success story with the advice on offer in this section.

How To Eat Whilst Taking Turinabol

This is arguably the most important element of any cycle, and if you get this part wrong,  your results will simply never manifest.

In order to establish the lean, well-polished foundation you’re looking for, you’re going to need to operate on what’s known as a calorie deficit. This simply means that you’ll need to take in less calories than you consume.

You can create this deficit through exercise or food – the choice is completely yours. However you choose to do it though, you’ll first need to head to and click on the daily calorie totals calculator.

Once there, answer the questions honestly, and proceed to write down your daily calorie total.

Once you have done this, you then need to go onto the nutrient ratios calculator and enter your daily calorie total.

You have a choice as to whether you enter your maintenance intake and opt to use exercise to create the deficit, or you select one of the fat loss calorie totals and opt to create it via exercise. Either way works.

What’s important is that your nutrient intake consists of green and leafy vegetables, lean protein sources, low GI carbohydrates and healthy (omega 3 and 6) fats.

Your deficit will need to equate to between 250 – 500 calories per day to achieve beneficial fat loss.

This does of course assume that fat loss is the goal, as this is the reason why most people would take turinabol.

Should you seek muscle gain (male or female) you simply need to create a calorie surplus of roughly 200 calories, then monitor your progress weekly and increase this total by 100 per week when needed.

This will yield sustainable, lean muscle gains without any added “fluff” in the process. These caloric principles can be applied to any steroid cycle whatsoever.

It’s worth mentioning that there are some supplements you should utilize in order to further enhance the anabolic state that turinabol and intense training create within your body.

Creatine, Glutamine, Fish Oil, Whey Protein and vitamins are designed to fill any nutritional gaps, and can be used all year round to maximize your Turinabol results. Today, supplementation is considered a necessity rather than optional and will help you build muscle, lose fat and amplify performance with lasting results.


How To Train Whilst Taking Turinabol


Let us assume that you seek to advance your muscular visibility, in which case you’ll need to train in a very specific manner.

After you have read through and ‘digested’ the guidelines we are about to outlay, we’ll then provide you with information on how to train for muscle gain.

There’s really no “magic” training method when it comes to either bulking or cutting; both cycles will revolve around the same principles, which are:

  • The user should never use a weight load that is too great for them to adequately control
  • All reps must be slow (two seconds on both the positive and negative phase) with a paused “squeeze” at the bottom of the rep (again, for a two second duration) regardless of the cycle being performed
  • Rest periods must be adhered to strictly
  • Set and rep counts must be adhered to strictly
  • Try to take no longer than an hour when training (this is genuinely all that’s needed to capitalise on either muscular gains or fat reduction)
  • Every area of the muscle being targeted must be incorporated into the workout (with the legs for instance, you’d need to target the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves for total balance)

With these principles in mind, let’s now assess how one needs to train in order to successfully cut.

Training To Enhance Muscular Visibility

In order to enhance muscular visibility, one must perform the following actions in conjunction with the above guidelines:

  • Sessions must comprise largely (80%) of isolation exercises being performed for an 8-10 rep count
  • Exercises must be performed for five to six sets maximum
  • Rest periods must be between 30 seconds to one minute

When using the above rep range, you’re theoretically going to draw more fluid into the muscle cells (not under the surface of the skin though, as this would be the “bad” kind of water retention) and make them appear more “pumped” as a result of a process known as sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

It should be noted that there is no discernable evidence to prove that this theory definitely leads to enhanced cell volume, but what is almost certain is that the traditional “higher reps equate to more muscle tone” theory is not only flawed, but also equally disproven.

All that is proven in this regard is that higher rep ranges facilitate enhanced muscular endurance; this correlates in no way with enhanced “tone” in the target area.

What we can ascertain is that using the 8-12 rep range will certainly enhance growth (hypertrophy), and (as proven by anyone who utilises it) create a noticeable difference in terms of “swelling” for several days after the trainee’s session has ended, provided they take in adequate nutrition.

For these reasons, there’s really no need to start going “light” on a cut – the range specified here will more than suffice.

Training To Enhance Muscle Growth

When it comes to prioritizing muscle growth, you must simply adhere to the following principles:

  • Sessions must comprise largely (80%) of compound movements being performed for a 6-8 rep count
  • Rest periods must be between one minute to two minutes
  • Regular (every three weeks) “heavy” weeks must be incorporated to advance strength levels, which in turn will assist in the development of mass

These principles, in conjunction with the “base” guidelines previously mentioned, will definitely assist in the creation of excess muscle tissue.

Why Is Turinabol So Hard To Detect /
How Can I Ensure That I Pass A Drug Test?

If you believe that turinabol is difficult to detect, you may be working with outdated information.

It’s true that it used to be as a result of the “short” metabolite testing method (this method couldn’t detect drug use past a 6-month period), but in 2012 a new method known as the “long” metabolite testing method came into circulation.

This now means that PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs) used beyond a 6-month window are likely to lead to a positive test result, taking place.

You may be wondering how far back, and whilst there is no singular response to this query, it’s safe to say that a window going back as much as several years (even up to ten) may not be long enough to “get away” with substance use.

Whilst the half-life of this product is 16 hours, the listed detection time is up to 18 months. With advanced testing methods, this window is increased (as stated above.)

So what does this mean in terms of passing a drugs test safely?

Ultimately, this scenario is a tricky one. Realistically, the only guaranteed way to pass if you’re a tested athlete would be to tape a “clean” urine sample to your inner thigh and produce it during your test.

Other than this “trick”, it’s simply not recommended that you take oral turinabol if you’re a tested athlete – especially if it’s your career. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll “get through” unnoticed.

Bodybuilders have the luxury of selecting untested competitions
, but most athletes don’t. If testing is prevalent on your athletic “scene”, then it’s simply best that you stay away from turinabol.

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