It must be said that Turinabol is not just an oral steroid that male bodybuilders can benefit from. Female bodybuilders can also tap into the many bulking and cutting benefits that this androgenic anabolic steroid (AAS) has to offer.

Professional female bodybuilders can either increase their muscle mass or bulk up as well as cut down their body fat with the aid of this drug and a well planned workout regimen.

When a female bodybuilder starts a cutting workout regimen with the use of Turinabol, their rate of metabolism is increased, so that they are capable of burning body fat quicker than if they had not begun a TBol cycle.

With the drug in their system and as their rate of metabolism rises, so also will their thyroid-binding globulin be reduced and their thyroid-binding prealbumin increased.


Turinabol is tolerable in women especially when compared to other similar steroids. If taken in accordance to the right dosage, users are less likely to experience severe side effects.

In female bodybuilders, a TBol cycle can help in:


  • enhancing their strength, stamina and endurance level,
  • increasing the time spent during workout sessions and training,
  • boosting their recovery time, and as mentioned earlier in helping to burn off excess calories.



When female bodybuilders consume 5 to 10mg of Turinabol daily for a 4 to 6 week cycle, they are likely to experience the following:

#1: Less Muscle Fatigue:

Turinabol will build up stamina and endurance. You will experience less muscle fatigue than previously. This enables you to put in more time into your training and workout sessions.

In addition to this, there would be an increase in the nitrogen that your muscles retain. Your muscles do not reply since water, but instead are dry, hard, and ventricular.

#2: Increase in Red Blood Cells:

Starting a TBol cycle can lead to a boost on your red blood cells. Red blood cells help to convey oxygenated blood to all your organs, including your heart and other muscles. This further enables you to exhibit almost superhuman stamina and strength.

#3: Works well for Cutting:

As stated before, if your bodybuilding goal includes a cutting training routine, then Turinabol is one androgenic anabolic steroid (AAS) that will help you in burning off excess body fat by boosting your rate of metabolism.

#4: Cardiovascular Improvement:

Endurance during a grueling bodybuilding workout and training session is not only due to your muscle mass, but also due to the state of your cardio. Turinabol helps to boost cardiovascular endurance which enables you to exercise for much longer while also pushing your training to the limits of your endurance.

#5: Oral Bioavailability:

TBol is a steroid that is consumed orally and not administered intravenously. This means that the positive effects of the drug works in a gradual manner rather than suddenly. As the drug is broken down in the gut, it leaves no adverse side effect on the user unlike some other AAS drugs.

TBol has a low androgenic ratio which is great for female bodybuilders as it prevents virilization and stops them from developing masculine features like facial and body hair as well as a deeper, baritone voice.

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