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First, if you live anywhere other than the UK, then you won’t be able to order Turinabol from Steroids Online. Their services are only open to the British residents. Additionally, the website is relatively young and as such, the authenticity of the company’s products is still uncertain. In our investigation, the number of reviews we came across were too few to rely on or recommend the site to anyone. That said, here are some facts you should know before buying steroids from this company.

Poor User Experience

Let’s face it, every online shopper wants a smooth experience when surfing online. Dead links, unnecessary ads, and a poor website layout can be a turn-off and sometimes slow things up for you. Apparently, the effort Steroids Online makes to maintain their site is minimal. It’s even worse when visiting it using a smartphone since some elements are not accessible. Furthermore, the option to view it from older browsers is no longer functional.

Payment Methods

Forget about anonymity, security, and convenience when transferring your cash to this site. They only accept credit cards and does little to ensure such info is safe from theft by cyber criminals. Modern and secure payment methods such as PayPal or Bitcoin, which you’d expect in commercial websites, are absent.

Crappy Customer Care Services

While other sites are upgrading their communication strategy to include a live chat window, Steroids Online still operates using the old mailing method. We came across a client complaining in some other forum after sending some cash and not reflecting in her account. Help only came after six days of ranting.

Low Product Quality

As you possibly know, Turinabol can be quite powerful and even lethal to your liver when overdosed. Although the website promises you high-quality products, it’s only a few that are actually up the mark. Reviewers at popular forums such as Eroids were mainly concerned with their Post Cycle Therapy drugs which most complained didn’t deliver results as expected. The sad reality is they have no money refund for such cases.

To this end, we feel it’s not right to recommend this site to anyone looking for a legit Turinabol source online. Instead, we advise that you visit more reputable companies such as Super Steroids or Atlas Roids for your supplies.


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Steroids Online only sells steroids to UK users. That is possibly not our key problem. What we hate about it is its poorly maintained website, few payment methods, while the effectiveness of its products is highly questionable. Put simply, it’s not the best place to buy Turinabol online.

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