Since current owners are brand new, we wanted to analyse products and services offered by the body-building-anabolics site.

We quickly noticed the freshness that characterizes the site since a few months ago.

On the very first page, the site displays interesting promotional offers, as well as delivery times that defy all competition:  

  • Delivery in the United States from 2 to 9 days only
  • Delivery in Europe from 5 to 15 days
  • Delivery in Asia and Oceania from 5 to 15 days

Given this panorama, we analysed in detail the services offered by the new management and tested their products by placing an order for several Turinabol brands.


Complete and professional information:

The site offers complete information about the product’s contributions, undesirable effects, use, dosage, warnings and a presentation of each laboratory for each product. This very professional information is extremely valuable and useful for future consumers. They will enable you to better understand the effects of the product, to respect the doses according to their level and avoid the undesirable effects. This way, customer cans take full advantage of the product’s benefits.

Official representative of prestigious brands

Bodybuilding is the official distributor of the most famous laboratories in the world: Beligas Pharma, Cooper Pharma, Dragon Pharmaceutical, Eminence Labs, Genshi Labs, Mactropin, Maha Pharma, MyoGen…

We went ahead and placed an order for Turinabol of the following brands:

  • Turanabol 10mg 54 pills Genshi Labs
  • Turanabol 10 100 pills Maha Pharma
  • Turanabol 20mg 100 pills Dragon Pharma

Surprise: our package reached us 7 days later. The package was very discrete and products were well packaged. The way our order was processed is just impeccable. Very professional throughout the entire purchasing process: from the choice of the product to the delivery.

Receptive and available customer service

Many customers recognise the quality of the products, but some sites have a customer service that is a nightmare.

In bodybuilding, they decided to have each, and every customer pampered. We asked several questions about the products, as well about the status of our order. In all cases we received an email no later than one hour.

An agent provides you a personalised answer. There are no automated answers. Here, the client is treated with the utmost respect.  

Insurance covers the risks of seizures and losses

However, we recommend you subscribe to the insurance against seizures, losses and breakage of products. Even though the package we received was in perfect conditions, there is always a risk a package gets confiscated or lost. With insurance, bodybuilding-anabolics gets your package reshipped for free and in the shortest possible time frame, according to reviews of some customers in the forums.

The cost of this insurance is relatively low compared to other sites: only 5% of the amount of the order while competition offers 8 or even 10%.

Very professional logistics

In addition to a very kind customer service, its logistics service seems very well organised.

In fact, the site has 9 warehouses so that each client, no matter where in the world he is, receives his order as soon as possible. Two warehouses are based in the United States while international deliveries are dispatched from the other.

On the other hand, once your order is placed, the logistics department gets the status of your order regularly updated in your customer account.

This way, a simple click allows us to know at what stage our order is.

Everything is clear and transparent enough to give the client total peace of mind not to mention the reliable and secure payment methods offered (Zelle, MoneyGram, Paybis, Banking Transfert and Bitcoin)


  • 9/10
    Account creation, ergonomics and purchasing process - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Price of products - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Customer Service - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Advice, cycle and products - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Methods of payment and delivery - 9/10
  • 9.9/10
    We have placed an order and the verdict is... - 9.9/10


Body-building has a very good positioning in the ranking of Turinabol's best sales sites. We value the quality of its customer service, as well as its extremely well organised logistics service. The proof of the latter is that our order reached us only a few days later. We regret that we are still reading negative comments as previous owners' poor management gave the site a bad name. Over time, the site has become very professional and nowadays offers products of very high quality.

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