If you are struggling with building muscle and strength and somehow stagger into Mega Gear, make no mistake of buying Turinabol here. Not only do top website reviewers rate this company lowly but also the sources from which they acquire their supplies seem to be unverified. Below is what we found out when we probed MegaGear website.

Anticounterfeit Checker

Mega Gear’s homepage asserts that the company has put in place a method to verify a product’s authenticity; however, this section is nowhere to be found. Any legitimate website will try to make such a provision easy to access. For this reason, we find this claim by Mega Gear quite fishy.

Limited Payment Methods

In the 21st century, any online commercial store that relies on a single payment method limits most users. Mega Gear only allows payment via credit card. As such, if you want anonymity, this is not the place to order your Turinabol.

Slow Communication

On all the forums we collected user reviews, the major complaint was poor communication or none at all. Additionally, Mega Gear claims to have a team of fitness trainers. In our experience, it took two full days to receive a response on a cycle we had inquired about. It was clear we were dealing with a single trainer, not a team as they claim.

Poorly Maintained Blog

As of writing this review, Mega Gear had last updated their blog in 2014. This poor attitude in providing contemporary information to potential customers portrays a lazy company that cannot keep up with current trends and issues in the bodybuilding circles.

To this end, MegaGear is not the best site as far as purchasing steroids online is concerned. Instead, consider visiting other proven stores including Muscle Fax or 2 Get Mass for the same.


  • Account creation, ergonomy and ordering process
  • Prices and products
  • Customer service
  • Cycle and Products advice
  • Methods of payment and methods of delivery
  • We made a real order, and the verdict is...


Mega Gear is not the ideal steroid online store for anyone struggling with weight and strength gain. Their low ratings from trusted reviewers, limited payment methods, and ghost features are some of the issues of grave concern to any serious bodybuilder out there. We review this bogus company here and recommend that you avoid it at all costs.

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