Any bodybuilder who regularly buys steroids online will easily tell apart a serious and sham online shop. Before you even read further, have this in mind; Steroid4u is a bad choice for anyone concerned about the quality of the Turinabol they get as well as the professionalism of conducting business. This site has been red flagged by top reviewers including Trust Pilot as well as numerous users on popular forums including Eroids. Here’s why:

Poor Website Layout

Whoever is responsible for maintaining Steroid4u’s website seemingly abandoned the job. You will be frustrated by the surfing experience long before you even place an order. In short, the owner doesn’t really care about the user experience. Broken links, a dull interface, and an unpleasant experience on mobile browsers are commonplace there.

Bogus Products

While the site claims to get supplies from top manufacturers such as Alpha Pharma and British Dispensary, a closer look at the product composition tells a different story. It’s either they aren’t sure about what they sell or their products are complete counterfeits.

Terrible Communication

At the popular Eroids forum, we came across tens of comments by past customers narrating the scam tales they endured while shopping on Steroid4u. Once you send your money to the account they’ve provided, it is transferred to a Slovakian personal account. The worst comes when you contact them and they claim to have not received the money. When you insist, they go silent on you.

No Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturers they claim to receive their Turinabol supplies from are known to refund cash to customers who do not get the changes promised. We explored the site and couldn’t find any documentation on the same. As expected, their customer care unit ignored us when we questioned this.

Fake Vouchers

The site claims that when you buy goods in bulk, they automatically slash some fee and award you a coupon for your next shopping. However, we came to know that this is a plan to lure customers– there are no real vouchers. In fact, you won’t even receive your goods.

So, just shun Steroid4u while you still can.


  • Account creation, ergonomy and ordering process
  • Prices and products
  • Customer service
  • Cycle and Products advice
  • Methods of payment and methods of delivery
  • We made a real order, and the verdict is...


Be warned against purchasing Turinabol or any other steroid from Steroid4u. This company has been red flagged by top reviewers in the world with past customers actively confirming the claim. We shed more light on this in our review.

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