Let’s face it, providing confidential information on an unsecured website in this age is often a great risk. Meet 24 Hour Med Store that has done very little to protect your information, let alone to give you a smooth experience while shopping. To make it worse, the anticounterfeit website they direct you to is also their company. Why should you trust such a supplier?

Obsolete Reviews

The only reviews we could gather online for this site were dated years ago. A fair number of customers appeared paranoid about making an order for the second time. In an age where it’s become incredibly easy to post feedback, we’d expect a website that claims to be successful to have up-to-date reviews everywhere; unfortunately isn’t the case here.

Poor Website Maintenance

While popular sites like Super Steroid are continually making immense steps in improving user experience, others such as 24HourMedStore have been lagging really behind on this front. In fact, they will expose your credit cards info and other confidential details to potential hackers by hosting the website on an unsecured server.

Delayed Shipping

Contrary to the 72hrs shipping period the company promises, the average it manages is about 14 days, at least this is what a majority of past customers appeared to receive theirs. Some even had to wait for up to three months awaiting customs to release their confiscated goods. With 24HourMedStore, you’ll have a terrible experience especially if you are on a tight workout routine.

No Legit Turinabol

24HourMedStore doesn’t sell original Turinabol on its site. In fact, most of the products they supply are banned and no longer useful today. If you are looking the best online store for legit Tbol, we advise that you to visit Super Steroid or 2GetMass.

Special Offers

This website has a section it dedicates for special offers. However, try to compare the prices stated here in relation to the quantity they promise with that of various competitors. You can then leave your review below if you find anything special.

Honestly, given that there’s no shortage of legit companies where to buy turinabol online today, there would be no any reason to purchase anything from 24HourMedStore. Just steer clear from this bogus site.


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  • Cycle and Products advice
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For starters, 24 Hour Med Store no longer supplies legit Turinabol or any other better alternative. Furthermore, it is hosted on an insecure server which is why you should be wary any time you’re sharing personal info on this bogus site. Put simply, this should be your last resort when no other companies exist.

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